Scuff & Surface Protection

Narodi, Inc., in Charlotte, North Carolina, is happy to offer a new kind of surface protection. You can now purchase an eight-pack of our lightweight, 6" x 36" SCUFFGUARDS.


These are durable, plastic shields that secure to surfaces with removable adhesive. They are made from user-friendly, matte clear or white plastic. To add length place side by side. Use custom grid backing to cut to ideal specifications. Don't worry about painting over faded paint or scuffs anymore, as these will keep stair risers and other areas bright, white, and clean, maintaining the beauty of your home.

You can even use them on baseboards, doors, stairs and other high-traffic areas to protect against scuffs, scratches, grime and allergens. Plus, removable adhesive means easy replacement. Scuffguards can be easily wiped clean.

Forward your photos of your uses with ScuffGuard and we will display them in our gallery.

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